Watch out! The ‘orange juice scam’

So what’s the common between the freshly squeezed orange juice and the plastic container? What do you expect when ordering freshly squeezed orange juice somewhere? Does it have to do anything with a plastic container like this one?

Spanish tapas restaurant, Dublin. Me: Do you have freshly squeezed orange juice? Waiter: Yes, we do. Me: Can I have a glass of orange juice with no ice please?

The orange juice arrives. With the clear box-orange-juice-taste…

Me: Sorry, are you sure this is freshly squeezed orange juice? Cause it doesn’t taste like that. Waiter: Yes, do you want me to show you the box?

I did want to see the box, which was a plastic container, just like the one I posted here. Yes, the one used for milk in general. And yes, there is a company in Ireland, specialized in supplying “fresh” fruit juices to restaurants…

How fresh is the juice which comes in a plastic container and has a quite long expiry date…? Checking the company’s website, they state they don’t use any artificial additives, they use only fresh fruits, and all they do is slightly pasteurizing the juices… Well, I won’t call that “freshly squeezed juice”. I think it is totally misleading. ‘Freshly squeezed’ means the fruit was squeezed right before consuming it. Am I wrong?

And what is pasteurization? Pasteurization is a process of heating a food, usually liquid, to a specific temperature for a definite length of time, and then cooling it immediately.

The important part for us now is that pasteurization destroys some enzymes, vitamins, as well as possibly-beneficial microbes.

All of us who want to drink or eat something fresh, we want it because we know they contain all the vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals our body needs. So it is the minimum requirement that restaurants respect this and don’t try to fool us with some canned staff.

Advise for everybody: Watch out for these kind of scams, and double check with the waiter what they mean when offering freshly squeezed juices.