Use Aloe Vera to Treat Sun Poisoning

As human beings, our bodies can tolerate only a certain amount of heat in a day. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in heat-strokes, dehydration and sun burn. Recovering from a heat stroke and dehydration can be relatively easier as compared to treating sun poisoning that have brought about blisters and scalds on the skin. The main reason why sun poisoning occurs is due to the fact that individuals often forget to use sunscreen with a good SPF formula. Once the skin is exposed to the heat, and if sunburn occurs, it needs to be treated immediately. Symptoms of sunburns are redness or soreness of the skin in exposed patches of the body, swollen and clogged capillaries of the venial system and damage to the blood vessels of the body. Individuals that suffer from sunburns need to cool their bodies immediately and take adequate amounts of rest.

Most of the top sunburn remedies in the market today are available in creams and powders. However, most of them contain chemically abrasive ingredients that may have an adverse effect on the exposed skin of the body. It is therefore always recommended that a herbal or preferential natural treatment be used so as to not elevate the risk of complicating the situation. In such cases, Aloe Vera has proven to be the best option.

Aloe Vera treatment for sun poisoning or sunburns can be done in a number of ways. The most prominent treatment would be to apply a piece of freshly cut aloe on the burned surface of the body. However, it can be rather difficult to find aloe plants at any given place or time. Additionally, depending upon the extent of the burns, a single plant extract would not be enough. Hence, it has been widely recommended that individuals suffering from skin conditions pick up a Aloe Vera sunburn gel or ointment which they can get at their local stores.

Most of the best Aloe Vera gels are made from completely natural ingredients which make them the ideal choice for everyone to use. They have no side effect on the body and treat sun poisoning perfectly. The ideal usage of these sunburn Aloe Vera gels and ointments indicate that individuals first cool their bodies down with a cold shower. It is essential that the burns be cooled off before any ointment can be applied onto them. During a shower, individuals can use a loofah with moisturizer to keep the burns moist. Sunburn Aloe Vera Gels should be applied only after a shower. There are a plethora of products in the market that specialize in sunburn Aloe Vera ointments. Buyers simply need to scout around for the best ones.