Three Shocking Facts About Foot Tattoo Aftercare

Most people who have tattoos on their feet are women, not all, but most of them are. Why is it a woman can spend maybe one hour choosing the best design for her foot then spend maybe one or two minutes on deciding the best form of foot tattoo aftercare?

Seriously. Foot tattoo aftercare is more important than aftercare on other parts of the body because the foot is normally covered in bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould, fungus and just about every other critter that lives on the human body. Your foot is covered in danger – so you must consider foot tattoo aftercare very carefully.

You can select a beautiful design, you can even put a clean fresh sock over it, but then you will stick your foot in a shoe that is the home to billions of parasites that would just love to get in your bloodstream through your open tattoo.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 1: A typical foot tattoo lotion will actually feed the parasites and make things worse. You need to cover the tattoo with Tattoo Doctor, then put a loose fitting sock over it and change it three times a day, re applying the Tattoo Doctor Foot tattoo aftercare product each time.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 2: If you choose to wear open shoes, no problem, but remember that you are walking through dust of dog muck, rat droppings, bird mess, you name it and it is going onto your tattoo. You need to carry a small bottle of Tattoo Doctor with you and keep applying a thin film of the natural antibiotics throughout the day.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 3: Try not to wear shoes that will rub on or scuff your tattoo, I have seen one tattoo completely ruined by a strap that dug into it and caused severe tattoo infection.

The Tattoo Doctor can also be applied to any sock or stocking in an attempt to keep the germs and fungus dead. This is the only foot tattoo aftercare on the market and is a must if you are getting a tattoo on your foot.

The Tattoo Doctor is an invisible film of germ and fungus killers so it will protect your feet all day long. Also apply a few drops of the foot tattoo aftercare before you go to bed and always after having a shower or bath.