Pregnancy And Tilted Uterus Uterus

I had also retroverted uterus, i want to have baby and its so hard to do because my husband is so alcoholic and smoker too. he doesn’t help to have baby what can i do. i don’t want to have surgery, is there any possibility to get pregnant?

A uterus will usually remain in a vertical position, but some of the women will have an anteverted uterus that tilts backwards which is a symptom of an underlying condition. Here are few methods for getting pregnant with a tilted uterus.

1. Try to elevate your hips after intercourse for about twenty minutes. Keep a pillow under the back for support and elevating can also help to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

2. A tilted uterus can also occur due to larger reproductive issues, so have a surgery for endometriosis. A surgery for endometriosis can be done as part of a laparoscopic procedure.

3. Try to have a uterine suspension surgery where an incision is made in abdominal cavity to reach the uterus. The uterus will be repositioned to make it face forward than tilting backwards.

4. Go for a UPLIFT surgery which is a procedure that is similar to a uterine suspension technique. In this procedure a laparoscope is used to reduce the pain and recovery time.