How To Keep Your Heart Healthy With Exercise

To stay away from heart diseases it is important for a person to take care of his or her health. It doesn’t really matter whether you are suffering from any heart disease or not but taking precautions won’t harm you. Exercising on a daily basis will help you to remain fit and healthy. Below, are a few exercises given that can be easily done at home.

Balancing – balancing exercises are extremely helpful to improve your balance. You may simply sit and then again stand without using your hands.

Increasing stamina – aerobics can help you a lot to improve your stamina and tone up your body. Later, when you get accustomed to this then try to increase your stamina by using weights.

Work out – work out doesn’t always means working out in a gym. You can yourself work out at home or a garden. You can jog, do yoga or even swim. These have a wonderful impact on your body and will help you to reduce weight.

Gym –  you can even get yourself enrolled to a gym. But definitely there are cheaper substitutes.

Stretching – such exercises will help you to increase your flexibility which will in turn help you remain fit and lead a healthy life.

Household works –  Try to do all the chores yourself, whether it is cooking, washing clothes, buying vegetables, and so on.

Lifts –  avoid using lifts. Instead utilize the staircase. It will help you a lot to burn calories.

Watch out! The ‘orange juice scam’

So what’s the common between the freshly squeezed orange juice and the plastic container? What do you expect when ordering freshly squeezed orange juice somewhere? Does it have to do anything with a plastic container like this one?

Spanish tapas restaurant, Dublin. Me: Do you have freshly squeezed orange juice? Waiter: Yes, we do. Me: Can I have a glass of orange juice with no ice please?

The orange juice arrives. With the clear box-orange-juice-taste…

Me: Sorry, are you sure this is freshly squeezed orange juice? Cause it doesn’t taste like that. Waiter: Yes, do you want me to show you the box?

I did want to see the box, which was a plastic container, just like the one I posted here. Yes, the one used for milk in general. And yes, there is a company in Ireland, specialized in supplying “fresh” fruit juices to restaurants…

How fresh is the juice which comes in a plastic container and has a quite long expiry date…? Checking the company’s website, they state they don’t use any artificial additives, they use only fresh fruits, and all they do is slightly pasteurizing the juices… Well, I won’t call that “freshly squeezed juice”. I think it is totally misleading. ‘Freshly squeezed’ means the fruit was squeezed right before consuming it. Am I wrong?

And what is pasteurization? Pasteurization is a process of heating a food, usually liquid, to a specific temperature for a definite length of time, and then cooling it immediately.

The important part for us now is that pasteurization destroys some enzymes, vitamins, as well as possibly-beneficial microbes.

All of us who want to drink or eat something fresh, we want it because we know they contain all the vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals our body needs. So it is the minimum requirement that restaurants respect this and don’t try to fool us with some canned staff.

Advise for everybody: Watch out for these kind of scams, and double check with the waiter what they mean when offering freshly squeezed juices.

Causes of Mild and Severe Symptoms of Anemia

Mysterious Causes of Mild and Severe Symptoms of Anemia, and Who’s Most at Risk

What causes the symptoms of severe anemia?

There are three types of cells that make up the blood in our bodies: red cells, which contain hemoglobin to carry oxygen from the lungs to every cell in the body, white cells which fight infections, and platelets. Anemia occurs when the number of red blood cells, or the hemoglobin in them, drops below normal levels and can’t supply the body with the oxygen it needs to function properly, which can result in the severe symptoms listed previously.

The more common causes of this drop in the number of red blood cells, or the hemoglobin in them, are:

A vitamin or iron deficiency
A serious disease
Significant blood loss
Side effects of prescription drugs
Genetic or acquired defects or diseases

So what can you do before you develop the severe symptoms of anemia? Be on the lookout for the more mild symptoms such as:

* loss of concentration

* dizziness

* concave and/or brittle nails

* husky voice

* facial pallor (paleness)

*low iron levels (if you’ve had a blood test)

* poor appetite

You’re Going to Need More Iron During These Circumstances:

* during or after extreme or unusual physical activity

* growth spurts (i.e. during puberty)

* to replace blood loss

* during and after an aggressive autologous blood donation program (during which you donate your own blood for a surgery you’re scheduled to have)

Who’s Most at Risk for the Mild and Severe Symptoms of Anemia?

* Women who lose iron-rich blood every month during menstruation

* People over 65

* Recent surgery patients

* Those with HIV/Aids

* Those with the following: Chronic kidney disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease, bleeding ulcers

These Iron-rich Foods Will Help You if You Have Iron Deficiency Anemia:

* red meat, liver, poultry, seafood

* grains, such as: brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, iron-fortified cereals

* vegetables, such as: broccoli, spinach, beets, peas, potatoes, beans, green leafy vegetables

* Blackstrap molasses, dried fruits, nuts, eggs

* tofu, sunflower seeds, soy milk, soy burger

Best Way to Absorb Iron-Rich Foods into Your Body:

* Eat foods rich in iron along with foods rich in vitamin C, such as: citrus, like oranges, or tomatoes, etc. However, make sure that if you eat grapefruit that it doesn’t interfere with any of the medications you may be taking for other conditions.

* Foods with calcium also help to absorb iron, like milk, cheese, dried figs, beans, tofu, broccoli, kale, molasses, raisins, collards, Brussels sprouts, and sesame seeds.

Avoid Eating or Drinking These if You Need the Extra Iron:

** Avoid drinking iron-inhibiting foods like tea with your iron-rich meals, as tea contains tannins that could inhibit iron absorption. (Presumably, herbal teas would be OK).

*** You’ll need to avoid high sugar intake and high fiber diets, and grape juice, plus, too much of certain antacids also interfere with iron absorption.

Throwback Thursday Guest Designer

Good morning crafty friends. I am so excited today because Emma from My Creative Time asked me to be a guest designer for her Throwback Thursday Challenge. I was so honored when she asked me and am so happy to have the opportunity to design with her and the Design Team this week. This week the challenge is to create a scrapbook page or two page LO can be 6×6, 8×8, 11.5×8, and 12×12. The twist is it has to have cuts from a cricut lite cartridge. Here is my LO

I really need to practice taking pictures of LO. I don’t know how you all get it to fit in the frame and have it be so close up. Here is a close up of the first page

These pictures were taken at the Bronx Zoo. Emily is sitting in a big huge birds nest that is inside the childrens zoo (not a real nest). I used Live Simply for the title and the Butterfly. The photo mat is  a tag from Lacy Labels, enlarged 5 inches. The nest and eggs (embossed with Polka Dots cuttle bug folder) is from Sugar and Spice. The cute little birdie is hand made. I stamped I am so egg-cited from Emma’s Color Me Happy stamp set on a tag cut from Lacey Labels. The sentiment could not have been more perfect because my when my daughter gets happy she will say I am so excited like 50 times in a row. I finished it off with Caribbean twine.

This is a fun little play area inside the children’s zoo. There is an underground tunnel that the kids can crawl through then pop up in plastic tubes and all around them is prairie dogs (you can see the top of my husband head). Why the rabbit you ask? Because that is what my daughter calls them, and there is no convincing her otherwise. I think it confuses her because there is carrots and lettuce spread all over their little play area. My husband decided to come down into the craft room when I was working on this LO and he said you can’t do that! They are not rabbits! He does not get it. Then he starts looking at Emma’s stamps, pulling them out all over the place. He really really got on my last nerve. So I told him to go away and of course he got insulted. So I said don’t go away mad, just go away. He is starting to get into this crafting thing a little too much. 🙂 I thought that was funny so had to share. Here is what I used for the second page. The explore, , and flower are all from Live Simply. The photo mat is Lacey Labels. The little carrot and bunny is from create a critter. The cute face is Cute and Cuddly Face Assortment PK-440. I stamped Bunny Crossing also from Color Me Happy stamp set on the journaling tag. It is two separate stamps so I stamped Bunny on the top and crossing on the bottom. The twine is Blossom.

I hope you enjoyed my LO. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please be sure to head on over to My Creative Time to see what the rest of the awesome design team came up with. You will also find Mr Linky and all other challenge guidelines there. Have a great day:)

Whimsical Wednesday Design Team…..and A Card

Hello crafting friends. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am so excited to be presenting the Whimsical Wednesday Design Team today. I also have some other exciting news. Erika from Cricut Love has teamed up with me to run the Whimsical Wednesday blog. Erika has jumped right in and and I could not be happier to have her as a partner on this new journey.We can not wait to get started. Here is the three teams of fabulous designers:

Stephanie (me)


Team A (cards and other items)
Stephanie (me)

Team B (cards and other items)
Stephanie (me)

We are so excited about this group of talented sweet ladies! Please help me in welcoming them and hop over to their blogs and say hello:) Challenges will take place every Wednesday over at the new Whimsical Wednesday Blog. Madeline is busy finishing it up and should be done some time this week. The scrapbooking team will be designing scrapbook pages the first Wednesday of every month. The rest of the month will be cards, altered items etc. The A and B teams will alternate every other week. As soon as the blog is finished, it will be made live, and  we will make and announcement. Until then please mark your calendars for the Grand Opening Blog Hop on Friday April 1 at 6:00pm EST. There will be lots of inspiration and prizes.
Now for a quick card. I have been so busy that St. Patricks day came and left and I had not even made a card. I worked on this one yesterday.

This is the first time that I have made this style card where shapes are welded onto the side. It was very easy and I like the different look it gives to the card. I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the Shamrocks and Simply Charmed for the leprechaun. The cute little face is Peachy Keen Stamps Princess Face Assortment. I have a little confession to make….GASP, SIGH…okay here goes. This is the first time that I have ever sewed anything in my life. I was trying to remember if I had sewed anything in Home Economics back in High School but I just cant recall. So this was my first go at sewing. I used Twine (peapod) from The Twinery and a craft needle to sew around the card. The twine was way too thick to get through a regular sewing needle.  I poked holes first with my Tim Holtz ruler. The card base is Kraft from The Kraft Outlet. I don’t think I have ever mentioned the Kraft Outlet before, but I get all my Kraft Cardstock there along with other fun crafting yummyness. Their prices are BEYOND reasonable. All the other paper is from an awesome stack of homemade papers that my friend Kim sent to me. We don’t have anything like this in the stores around us, so I was ecstatic when she sent it to me. It is so much fun to tear and play with. I embossed the Shamrocks and the yellow layer on the card with the Victoria Cuttle Bug Folder. The sentiment is stamped with Tim Hotz Peeled Paint and embossed with Pearlustre Embossing Powder by Stampendous. I added some stickles to the Shamrocks and a few skittles on the card.

As always, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

I am entering my card in the following challenges:

Throw Back Thursday with Emma: Must have the color green:
The Cuttle Bug Spot: Must have twine: 

Make It Monday With Kraft Outlet: Must be St. Patricks Day or have the color green (must use Kraft Cardstock or products from their store)
Creative Cutter Room: I believe in Leprechauns

Pregnancy And Tilted Uterus Uterus

I had also retroverted uterus, i want to have baby and its so hard to do because my husband is so alcoholic and smoker too. he doesn’t help to have baby what can i do. i don’t want to have surgery, is there any possibility to get pregnant?

A uterus will usually remain in a vertical position, but some of the women will have an anteverted uterus that tilts backwards which is a symptom of an underlying condition. Here are few methods for getting pregnant with a tilted uterus.

1. Try to elevate your hips after intercourse for about twenty minutes. Keep a pillow under the back for support and elevating can also help to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

2. A tilted uterus can also occur due to larger reproductive issues, so have a surgery for endometriosis. A surgery for endometriosis can be done as part of a laparoscopic procedure.

3. Try to have a uterine suspension surgery where an incision is made in abdominal cavity to reach the uterus. The uterus will be repositioned to make it face forward than tilting backwards.

4. Go for a UPLIFT surgery which is a procedure that is similar to a uterine suspension technique. In this procedure a laparoscope is used to reduce the pain and recovery time.

Three Shocking Facts About Foot Tattoo Aftercare

Most people who have tattoos on their feet are women, not all, but most of them are. Why is it a woman can spend maybe one hour choosing the best design for her foot then spend maybe one or two minutes on deciding the best form of foot tattoo aftercare?

Seriously. Foot tattoo aftercare is more important than aftercare on other parts of the body because the foot is normally covered in bacteria, viruses, yeast, mould, fungus and just about every other critter that lives on the human body. Your foot is covered in danger – so you must consider foot tattoo aftercare very carefully.

You can select a beautiful design, you can even put a clean fresh sock over it, but then you will stick your foot in a shoe that is the home to billions of parasites that would just love to get in your bloodstream through your open tattoo.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 1: A typical foot tattoo lotion will actually feed the parasites and make things worse. You need to cover the tattoo with Tattoo Doctor, then put a loose fitting sock over it and change it three times a day, re applying the Tattoo Doctor Foot tattoo aftercare product each time.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 2: If you choose to wear open shoes, no problem, but remember that you are walking through dust of dog muck, rat droppings, bird mess, you name it and it is going onto your tattoo. You need to carry a small bottle of Tattoo Doctor with you and keep applying a thin film of the natural antibiotics throughout the day.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare Shock 3: Try not to wear shoes that will rub on or scuff your tattoo, I have seen one tattoo completely ruined by a strap that dug into it and caused severe tattoo infection.

The Tattoo Doctor can also be applied to any sock or stocking in an attempt to keep the germs and fungus dead. This is the only foot tattoo aftercare on the market and is a must if you are getting a tattoo on your foot.

The Tattoo Doctor is an invisible film of germ and fungus killers so it will protect your feet all day long. Also apply a few drops of the foot tattoo aftercare before you go to bed and always after having a shower or bath.

Infantigo Remedies

Infantigo is often a bacterial infection caused by either staphylococcus or streptococcus. This skin situation is generally created resulting from some sort of break on the skin surface.

Some frequent symptoms of infantigo consist of unpleasant breakout, itching blisters, and other skin lesions. In some folks, lymph nodes may possibly turn into swollen.

Infantigo is actually a remarkably contagious illness. It truly is necessary for anybody struggling with the disorder to begin impetigo remedy as quickly as possible.

Natural Dwelling Remedies

One of the most essential components in caring for impetigo is cleanliness. You will need to maintain the location clean by washing it several occasions a day with antibacterial cleansing soap. You should not scrub the impacted location harshly. Light patting or wiping is adequate with an antibacterial cleansing soap. The cleaning agent will protect against bigger infestations of bacteria from developing.

Garlic cloves are an incredible alternative for home treatments for infantigo. The sufferer should crush the garlic cloves and apply them for the impacted area. They work wonders for the itching and discomfort. Garlic is on top of that a all-natural bacterial killer. It may possibly not be a negative notion for the infected individual to involve garlic as a part of his or her dinners through the recuperation procedure also.

Turnip is yet another natural ingredient that will be valuable. Soak couple of turnip slices in vinegar to get a handful of hours, after which apply the turnip for the breakout. When far more, it can be advised to ingest turnip everyday, also.

Aloe vera is really a medicinal substance that is generally utilized for a wide assortment of ailments. Its extracts are remarkably prosperous in healing lesions, burns, and minor skin infections. Aloe vera won’t only soothe the pain and itching, but it may also retain the skin moisturized. It is recommended for an individual experiencing impetigo to apply aloe vera to their skin five times per day.

Tea tree oil can function as an antibacterial treatment for infantigo. This indicates that it can be profitable in fighting against undesirable germs on the skin. This treatment could be applied straight to the affected area also. Repeat the treatment several instances daily.

Apple cider vinegar can assist to get rid of the scars from infantigo. The appropriate mix of water to apple cider vinegar is two cups water to a single fourth cup of vinegar. The person can apply the answer towards the skin whenever vital.

There are actually numerous excellent property treatments for infantigo to cure this irritating infection. Every person ought to study and find out which answer perform the ideal for him or her. Once an individual discovers the correct therapy, the infection will clear up in no time.

How to get rid of Blisters

If the blisters have been a problem for you in the past, chances are they will return in the future. This is because herpes simplex 1, the virus that causes cold sores, lies in your cells, dormant. After certain triggers, the virus can re-activate, causing an outbreak of cold sores. There are several ways to get rid of these blood blisters. Some work better than others, but you’ll have to experiment to find a method that works best for you.

There are several over-the-counter medications you can use to get rid of them. Most of these are docosanol-based. If you can’t find a medication with docosanol, then tannic acid, zinc, phenol or lysine can serve as substitutes. All of these active ingredients have been proven to stop the herpes virus from developing fever blisters. Valtrex, Zoviraz and Famvir are common blister medications.

If chemical medications are not your thing, there are a variety of home remedies you can use. Tea tree oil is effective in healing and preventing blisters, as is Aloe Vera. Sage works as well, either in extract form or directly from the leaves. If using tea tree oil, sage, or Aloe, the proper way to apply it is to place a small dab of oil/gel directly on the affected area, and rub it in to your skin. Do this several times a day as needed, until your fever blisters heal up and go away.

Once you do have an outbreak, it’s important to keep it protected so it doesn’t get worse. Petroleum gel works well, helping speed up the healing process. It also protects the affected area from further bacterial infections. Also, keep in mind that the skin around your cold sores should be kept moist and healthy. You can put Vaseline or another moisturizer on the damaged area once a day. This will keep the skin moisturized and ensure that your sores don’t crack or start to bleed.

While aggressive treatment is recommended in some cases, it’s often better to just let nature run its course. Blisters usually disappear within 2 weeks, even if left alone. If you let your cold sores be and don’t bother them, they should be gone within 10-12 days. If more than 2 weeks have passed and the infection is not healing, you should go see a doctor. Also, using 1 or 2 treatments is good, but it’s never good to over-treat infections. Just because there are a lot of ways to treat fever blisters doesn’t mean you should use all of them at once! Try each different treatment at a different time, and see what works for you. Try to keep your skin healthy, and avoid foods that trigger outbreaks. Remember, the best treatment is always prevention, so if you can, avoid triggers that are proven to lead to outbreaks. Fatty, acidic and salty foods are linked to cold sores, as are stress, fatigue, and exposure to sunlight (which is why using SPF 15+ is recommended for people affected by cold sores).

Lower Left Abdominal Pain Causes

Lower left abdominal pain is a rather common phenomenon. It can be experienced by individuals of different age groups. The only thing is that it had been discovered to be commoner among adults. This simple write up is designed to open the eyes and mind of the reader to the possible things that can lead to the lower abdominal pain. By the time you are through with reading this simple write up, I am sure that you would have become more informed about causes. This will therefore enable you to take care of things and get free from your problem.

Some of the common causes

It is also referred to as lumber pain. This is because it occurs around the area of the back that is covered by the lumber vertebra (the lumber vertebra is one of the five different kinds of vertebra on the human back). It can be caused by various factors like bony encroachment, nerve irritation, lumber strain and any negative condition that is associated with the joints and bones of the lower back. It is important for the cause of any particular kind of pain to be determined before any useful treatment can be put in place. Some of the types of the lower left pain causes are described below:

Lumber strain

When the pain on the lower back is due to any kind of negative effect on the ligaments, muscles or tendons on the back, it leads to what is called lumber strain. Lumber strain can be of two types: chronic and acute. It is called acute if the pain had been present for a number of days or weeks. If it had been experienced for several months, it is referred to as chronic. It is actually very common. If you are the type of person that uses your back improperly, you may end up experiencing this kind of pain in lower left side.

Nerve irritation

If you take your back through any extensive mechanical irritation, you are then on your way to having nerve irritation around the lower left region. The nerves around the lower abdomen become irritated by the bones that are close to the nerves in question. Disease too can be a factor that can be responsible for this kind of situation. The nerve irritation will not only be felt at the lumber region alone; it will also be felt at other parts of the abdomen. This is because the nerves that had been injured traverse other regions of the back. Things like bony encroachment, inflammation of the nerves and even lumber disc disease are examples of the conditions that are associated with this situation.


I hope you have been informed about the common pain causes and I am sure that you will be more careful about how to handle your back so as not to end up experiencing some of the causes that had been mentioned above; your doctor will be there to help you out.