Lower Left Abdominal Pain Causes

Lower left abdominal pain is a rather common phenomenon. It can be experienced by individuals of different age groups. The only thing is that it had been discovered to be commoner among adults. This simple write up is designed to open the eyes and mind of the reader to the possible things that can lead to the lower abdominal pain. By the time you are through with reading this simple write up, I am sure that you would have become more informed about causes. This will therefore enable you to take care of things and get free from your problem.

Some of the common causes

It is also referred to as lumber pain. This is because it occurs around the area of the back that is covered by the lumber vertebra (the lumber vertebra is one of the five different kinds of vertebra on the human back). It can be caused by various factors like bony encroachment, nerve irritation, lumber strain and any negative condition that is associated with the joints and bones of the lower back. It is important for the cause of any particular kind of pain to be determined before any useful treatment can be put in place. Some of the types of the lower left pain causes are described below:

Lumber strain

When the pain on the lower back is due to any kind of negative effect on the ligaments, muscles or tendons on the back, it leads to what is called lumber strain. Lumber strain can be of two types: chronic and acute. It is called acute if the pain had been present for a number of days or weeks. If it had been experienced for several months, it is referred to as chronic. It is actually very common. If you are the type of person that uses your back improperly, you may end up experiencing this kind of pain in lower left side.

Nerve irritation

If you take your back through any extensive mechanical irritation, you are then on your way to having nerve irritation around the lower left region. The nerves around the lower abdomen become irritated by the bones that are close to the nerves in question. Disease too can be a factor that can be responsible for this kind of situation. The nerve irritation will not only be felt at the lumber region alone; it will also be felt at other parts of the abdomen. This is because the nerves that had been injured traverse other regions of the back. Things like bony encroachment, inflammation of the nerves and even lumber disc disease are examples of the conditions that are associated with this situation.


I hope you have been informed about the common pain causes and I am sure that you will be more careful about how to handle your back so as not to end up experiencing some of the causes that had been mentioned above; your doctor will be there to help you out.