Face Fitness Formula Review – What Is It About?

If you’re like many people living with a double chin, you probably feel like you’d look much better and feel more confident if you could just magically wave a magic wand and be rid of it. The thing is, with so many ‘miracle creams’, potions and appliances out there, it’s easy to get confused and waste a lot of time and money trying to find something that works for you.

The Face Fitness Formula cuts through all of the claims and BS and shares a simple, day by day process that has helped thousands of people to create attractive, sculpted looking cheeks and remove their double chins in just a few weeks.

What It’s About

The Face Fitness Formula is a online program containing video instructions, step-by-step worksheets, and a 30 day program of facial exercises and nutritional guidelines designed by John Socratous.

The program helps people who are suffering from uncomfortable or embarrassing symptoms such as a double chin, excess fatty tissue and/or skin around the face and cheeks, to quickly reduce facial fat and sculpt a much more attractive facial profile, without resorting to the risks and expense of cosmetic surgery.

What We Like

The best thing about the Face Fitness Formula is that based on feedback from existing customers, it actually works quite well. And it doesn’t matter if you are thin, overweight or an average man or women. If you suffer from facial chubbiness or a double chin and you’d like to see it gone, the program can most likely help you.

John has included over a dozen before-and-after case studies showing people who have used the system and had success. Some of the examples are quite dramatic, and show men and women who have made significant changes to their appearance without having to resort to cosmetic surgery.

You get a complete package of materials which contains everything you need to get started, and because it’s all downloadable, you can start working on improving your looks today.

The 30 day program shows you what to do every day, so there’s no confusion about what you should be working on. And the 4 Weekly Action Plan guides lay out the milestones you’ll be achieving every day so you can stay on track to your goal.

The Face Fitness Formula offers a practical, realistic and actionable plan for removing excess facial fatty tissue without the need for anything radical, and should work for most people if you follow the guidelines as instructed.

What We Didn’t Like

The main thing I didn’t like about the Face Fitness Formula was that while the program is quite easy to follow, and there’s lots of proof that it has worked for other people, you’ll need to actively DO something to make the system work for you.

It’s simply not going to be enough to download everything to your computer, and then sit back and wait for results. You’ve really got to want to have a more attractive and sculpted face if this program is going to have any chance of working for you. So while that’s not a fault with the program itself, you need to be aware of it going in.

Overall Thoughts

The Face Fitness Formula has proven to be very helpful for thousands of people, judging by what other users are saying about it. If you’d like to lose your double chin, or if you’d just like to have a more attractive, more sculptured face, it’s certainly a worthwhile program.

It’s also a much better first option than spending a bunch of money on cosmetic surgery, and works better than the typical creams and lotions available if you are looking for medium to long term results.